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emulating agnes

Emulation can be an effort to match or surpass a person or achievement usually by imitation. I tend to think of it more in the computing sense – hardware or software that permits programs written for one computer to be run on another computer.

Emulation uses the same materials as the original system.

Simulation reproduces the functional connections between the inputs and the outputs so you have a model that gives you the same result but how it’s achieved could be anything.

Replication is the same as simulation but based on the same or similar processes to the natural system.

emulating Agnes – fountain pen ink, household bleach on paper

So am I emulating Agnes Martin by drawing a reproduction of her painting from a photographic reproduction or am I attempting a very poor simulation? I could try for a replication. I think that’s easier to understand but emulation and simulation are more tricky.

There is definitely imitation involved and my budding admiration leads me towards emulation but if I was really committed, I could work towards a more convincing simulation.  Unlike [me]

[error/corruption that occurred when moving the image below from usb to laptop]

Is it an error or is my usb aware of Agnes Martin’s later striped paintings and nudging me in that direction?

This needs some thinking about.

[me] contemplating whether [my] “emulating Agnes” drawing is actually an emulation… or a simulation