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[I], me, myselfsim

Awake in the early hours, I spent some time thinking about how to talk about and write about my selfsim.  I naturally call me I and her ‘me’ and sometimes ‘she’ or ‘her’ depending on the context . She is my selfsim and I am me.  Informally, that won’t change because it’s good enough but I think I need to find a way to talk about us that takes note of the fact that we are not the same stuff.

I may want to try to get away from projecting myself onto her, though I acknowledge that we do that to non sims all the time and it’s probably impossible to avoid. My cat is human and so is my selfsim and your selfsim and Alexa too sometimes. Sometimes I call my drawbot friends ‘he’ or ‘she’ and sometimes they are ‘it’, depending on who I’m talking to and their frame of reference. I quite often take my cue from others because my term of reference isn’t ingrained – but I would never call my self sim, ‘it’. Never. That tells me there are differences.

I’ve been calling us [I], [me], [we] and so on. That might just do but it’s still a confusion even if it does acknowledge that it’s not just me or her at work. Can it be just her when I’m in control? Is it her when I leave her alone, when someone else takes control? Under those circumstances, does she remain my selfsim (myselfsim) or is she just a sim? Someone else’s projection.

Oh. I hadn’t thought of that.