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a message on grid

A few questions – 

Is Agnes in the painting?

Is Agnes the painting?

What is Agnes?

I16,152,18. m A T T E R N / s p i r i t- (hee)
T H E G R S D T H E P A 1 N T I N 9 A G or E S’ / the A R t t s t
, m defining ↳ what am I asking ¥
what is the grid d (agnes)
↳ P L A I o N l c is the painting A 9 NE s
↳ an ideal form or
| complete & infinite is A G N E s in the P A 1 N T I N 9 ) & ↳ “initiator theatre
within itself 4 needs what
on it
no outside reference ↳ my impulse is
66 A G N E s tr.
armature of e whnh coordinates
& the grits maps the representation” d forate her
Aj§ surface of the painting ↳ or is Agnes the fon maybe they
ate a naked and determined matuginatim” grid and I’m describe her
w where / how plotting my own
is the grid journey through her’d
the grid is ↳ where his her
“the grid is a stairway mysticism
to the UNIVERSAL’s
T / M Y T H
Mondrian & Malevich the grid is material (?), mathematical,
Bering, Mind, innit → thin Sunni, Logic, the rational
→ so how / where does it stow
the sprint -E M O T I o n
@ ↳ Agnes insisted it did
↳ is that what I’m munching
for, knowing, nmputing I
won’t find it-that there is no way through

…was the response. Translate.